What are system requirements for CMR programs?


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For both our CMR programs it is enough to have standard Windows operating system.

However if you install CMR SQL 9.000 to work on more than one computer station there are few things to remember:

  1. You need to designate computer which will play a role of the server (it is best when this computer is a dedicated server).
  2. You have to configure LAN properly for our software to run. We do not configure local networks while performing installation.
  3. It is stronly recommended that LAN is NOT wireless. Wireless LAN networks can often be unstable and slower than traditional cable network.
    IMPORTANT! We do not make any guarantees as to how program will work if you have wireless LAN!
  1. For CMR SQL 9.000 to work properly we need to install SQL Server on your computer first. This is why we recommend you have your OS with latest updates installed.
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