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Below you can see a detailed comparison between two versions of CMR programs. Most important features and differences are marked with bold text.

If you need to issue up to 5 documents per week on a single desktop station CMR EU 7.000 will be sufficient. If the number of documents is considerably higher than 10 per week you will need CMR SQL 9.000. Using SQL version you can also create documents on many desktop stations on a single database (each user sees the same data). It allows for a much better view and sorting of issued documents. You can also copy an existing CMR consignment note which saves a lot of time.

Please note that you can purchase an additional module to issue HBL/MBL documents. It can be purchased separately or together with CMR SQL 9.000.


CMR Waybill - version comparison
Functionality / application CMR EU 7.000 CMR SQL 9.000 SPEDTRANS 8
Multilanguage user interface YES YES YES
Others on demand
Others on demand
Others on demand
Database format shared files MS SQL 2008 MS SQL 2012
Additional HBL/MBL module NO YES (extra charge) YES (extra charge)
Max.number of goods on single CMR document 8 16+ 16+
Max. numbers of consignees on single CMR document 3 3 3
Max. number of records (recommended) up to 10000/year no limits no limits
Max.number of concurrent users (recommended) 1 no limits no limits
Multi-desktop capabitliy
(working on many computers and one database)
Number of CMR templates * 6 10+ 30+
Document list NO YES YES
Databeses of goods, clinets etc YES – only few YES YES
Copy CMR feature NO YES YES
Many printout templates YES YES YES
Default CMR templates assigned to carriers NO YES YES
Print complete form / print only data on a standard form YES / YES YES / YES YES / YES
Transport and spedition orders NO NO YES
Sales and cost documents NO NO YES
Payments NO NO YES
Electronic transfers NO NO YES
Settlement of travel orders (road cards) NO NO YES
Column view customization, quick sorting NO YES YES
Additional reports NO YES YES
Data export to XLS spreadsheet NO YES YES
Importing client, goods data from other systems (optional) NO YES YES
Integration with third-party systems
(WMS, TMS, MRP, ERP, etc)
Integration and customization to fit client's needs NO YES YES
Exporting CMR to pdf, jpg, bmp, etc. YES YES YES
Additional bulk waybill module (optional) NO YES YES
Carriers attachments - collective documents (optional) NO YES YES
Moving Excise Duty Products within EU (optional) NO YES
on demand
on demand
Automatic upgrade YES YES YES
Netto price 99,00 EUR 169,00 EUR 300 EUR
* - Each template can be modified by users in Report Generator.
New templates can also be created