How to make text on CMR note bolded?


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How to make text on CMR note bolded?

In both CMR waybill programs user can modify all printouts. To do that you need to go to menu Tools/Report generator.

We open a printout file - they are stored in Data/Reports.

IMPORTANT! Please make a backup copy of each CMR note template before making any changes!

In report generator you can change fonts, size of each text box. You can also hide each box so it is not visible on the printout.

Below is a screenshot with few hints. For more detailed instructions you need to menu Help/Report generator help system. It is a complete help file.

In the above example you can see that in area 1 header "Sender/..." was changed to bold. Also in the area 2 variables that will correspond to CMR note data (the one you fill on the form) were bolded. This means that Consignee's details will be written in bold text.

You can also see edit window for the header of area 3.

To hide text on the printout you need to uncheck box on the left - visible. If the checkbox is empty it will change to "false".