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Message to be shown upon successful submission. If the redirection location is set to Confirmation page it will be shown on its own page, otherwise this displays as a message.
Custom URL:
Choose where to redirect the user upon successful submission. The Custom URL option supports Webform token replacements.
Limit to total submission(s)
Limit the total number of allowed submissions.
Limit each user to submission(s)
Limit the number of submissions per user. A user is identified by their user login if logged-in, or by their IP Address and Cookie if anonymous. Use of cookies may be modified in the global Webform settings.
Closing a form prevents any further submissions by any users.
Submission access
These permissions affect which roles can submit this webform. It does not prevent access to the webform page. If needing to prevent access to the webform page entirely, use a content access module such as Taxonomy Access or Node Privacy by Role.
The authenticated user role applies to any user signed into the site, regardless of other assigned roles.
When set, all page changes (from pagebreak component), and webform submission will be achieved in AJAX.
Choose wether to retrieve in AJAX, after webform submit, the confirmation screen, or the webform itself. Available only when redirection is set to "No redirect".
This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.