CMR SQL 9.000


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CMR SQL 9.000

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CMR Waybill offers all facilities of Mini version and many more. You can work in LAN or WAN network environment. One common MS SQL database prevents redundant data entering and multiple data definitions. The program easily integrates with any third-party software. Reads from and writes to Excel, Access, XML, text files. It can connect to any ODBC data source by configuring connection string and a query. It is multilingual and localized in English, Slovenian and Polish.

Printouts can have headers and body in any language (currently: Polish, German, Russian, English, French, Hungarian, Slovenian, Czech or any combination).

Printouts can also be modified to meet specific user's needs. We can change font, design, number of possible products on each copy, put company's logo and much more!

We have recently added a new module to CMR SQL 9.000. Now you can issue House/Master Bill of Lading (HBL, MBL)documents from our software.
You can buy this module as stand alone software or together with CMR version.

Video tutorials

1. Overview of CMR Register window (changing view, filtering documents, preview pane) click here

2. How to issue a CMR document (plus printout, sending via e-mail) click here



CMR waybill register: 

Step by step CMR waybill issueing:

Print preview:


1. CMR Template (Czech, German)   (with copies)

2. CMR Template (Hungarian, English, German)  (with copies)

3. CMR Template (Polish, German, English) (with copies)

4. CMR Template (Slovenian, French) (with copies)

5. CMR template (English, French) (with copies)

6. CMR template (English, Russian) (with copies)


Built-in Report Generator lets you adjust printouts to your needs.

Thanks to the built-in automatic update module the update and the installation of the latest version is as simple as one click and it can take max. 5 minutes.


Help file - download